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Phone: 512-83-SNAKE
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Georgetown, Texas


Birthday and Holiday Parties and Special Family Events


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Surprise your child with live reptiles at his or her next birthday party or special event! The program is tailored for age group and interests.

You may choose the animals from a varied list of reptiles and amphibians below.


Pixie Files

See our Pixie Frog in a Burger King commercial!


12 animals - $120.00
16 animals - $160.00
20 animals - $200.00

Additional Fee Animals: (Burmese Python, Emerald Tree Boa, Sulcata Tortoise, Desert Tortoise, Savanah Monitor) - $25.00 per.

Non-refundable 25% deposit required for 20 animal events.
An additional mileage charge may apply. Check the mileage chart for rates.


We are based out of Georgetown, TX 78633.
  • Events over 30 miles away must be a minimum of 12 animals
  • Events over 60 miles away must be a minimum of 16 animals
  • Events over 90 miles away must be a minimum of 20 animals.

Available Animals:
Place your mouse cursor over the name of the animal to see a picture.
Click on the name to go to a page with a brief bit of information on each animal.
Snow Corn Snake
Albino Corn Snake
Normal Corn Snake
Texas Rat Snake
Eastern Hognose
Western Hognose
Mexican Milk Snake
Grey Banded Kingsnake
Western Coachwhip
Ball Python
Blotched Water Snake
Yellow Rat Snake

Additional Fee Animals
Sulcata Tortoise
Burmese Python

Bearded Dragon
Sahara Uromastyx

Marine Toad
African Bull Frog

Alligator Snapping Turtle
Common Snapping Turtle
Common Musk Turtle
Razorback Musk Turtle
Ornate Box Turtle
Desert Box Turtle
Three-Toed Box Turtle
Eastern Box Turtle
Gulf Coast Box Turtle
Painted Wood Turtle
Hermann's Tortoise
Bell's Hingeback Tortoise

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