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Corporate, City & State Agencies Safety Classes

Austin Nature Center
Boy Scouts Of America, Capital Area Council - Pack 41, Blue and Gold Banquet
Boy Scout Troop 505
City of Austin, Water, Waste Water
City of Austin, Environmental Services
City of Austin, Water, Electric
City of Schertz (Utilities)
Cruelty Association Certified Investigators of Williamson County, Texas
Cub Scout Pack 505
Hornsby Bend City of Austin Facility
Lake Point Homeowners Association
LCRA (Lake Austin Blvd location)
LCRA (Kingsland)
McKinney Roughs (LCRA Facility)
Region 8 Animal Control Conferences
Sierra Club

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Children's Courtyard (Mopac & Parmer Ln, Austin)
Children's Courtyard (Jazz St, Round Rock)
Children's Courtyard (Gattis School Rd, RR)
Children's Courtyard (Pflugerville)
Children's Courtyard (Metric Blvd, Austin)
Children's Courtyard (William Cannon, Austin)
Children's School (Austin)
Childs Day Preschool (Austin)
First Presbyterian Church Daycare
Hope Church
LaPetite Academy (Chisholm Ln, Austin)
LaPetite Academy (Greenlawn Blvd, Round Rock)
LaPetite Academy (Kramer Ln, Austin)
LaPetite Academy (North Bell Parkway, Cedar Park)
LaPetite Academy (Westcreek, Austin)


Crowe's Nest Farm
Eanes Elementary School
Blackland Prairie Elementary 2002
Forest Creek Elementary School
Williamson Co. SPCA

Live Animal Lectures

Camp Mabry
Lake Point Homeowners Association
The Preserve @ Barton Creek Homeowners Association
Sierra Club
Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo 2003
Waco Captive Bred Reptile and Amphibian Expo 2003
LyonDell Chemical Company
TP&W Wildlife Expos 04,05,06

Herpetological Societies

Austin Herpetological Society, current President
Dallas-Fort Worth Herpetological Society
West Texas Herpetological Society

Summer Camps

Austin Nature Center
Camp Timber Wolf (Cedar Park)
Crowe's Nest Farm
Red, Hot & Blue Camp (Lakeway)


Cedar Park
Austin (Most locations)
Round Rock


Annie Purl Elementary School
Bedicheck Middle School
Community Montesori School of Georgetown
Dessau Elementary School
Dessau Middle School
Great Oaks Elementary School
Lanier High School
Laura Welsh Bush Elementary School
Lexington High School
McDade Elementary School
Nyos Charter School (Lamar Blvd)
Nyos Charter School (Gessner Rd)
Redeemer Lutheran School
Star Charter School
St Georges Episcopal School
St. Matthew's Episcopal School
St. Michael's Catholic Academy
St. Stephen's Episcopal School (Wimberley)
Kirby Hall School

Other Events/Companies

Toys R Us (Austin)
Science Stuff


Thanks for having such a detailed and helpful webpage.

A neighbor rang my doorbell this morning to alert me that she sighted a snake crossing the street and entering my yard. By the time I got there, it had begun climbing and elm tree. It was quite large and I at first mistook it for a venomous snake, especially when it began vibrating the tip of its tail, much like a rattler.

I was able to look it up on your page and found out it is a beneficial rat snake. I will now forward this info on to her. We have had eastern coral snakes in our neighborhood and some people here are "snake phobic." Hopefully the information you provide will help prevent needless killing of snakes out of fear.

Thanks again, Sandi Schindel

Hello Mr. Cole,
Thanks to your web site, I was able identify the two checkered garter snakes I found in my backyard as nonvenemous. I relocated them to a safe location in the greenbelt behind my house, where they hopefully won't get stepped on or hit with a lawn mower.


Thanks for putting those baby snake pictures on the web. I caught a snake in our yard today (in Round Rock) and used your site to identify it. I think it was a baby Texas Brown Snake. I attached some pics of the one I caught. I let it go shortly after taking the photos.


Tim, I am sure I speak for a lot of kiddos and their parents when I say "It was great!" Your presentation on Texas snakes was not only fun, it was so educational as well. I learned a lot myself, and several parents expressed appreciation for the great info. Yes, those urban legends and myths have not served us well, and it was refreshing to hear the truth about those mostly-benign creatures.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to write a quick word of thanks to you for having such a wonderful resource available online. I live in NW Austin, and this morning I was out in my yard with my dogs when I saw a "huge" snake lying in the grass. I gathered up the dogs, shooed them inside, and immediately ran to the computer to google "texas snake identification." The Austin Reptile Service was the very first website I went to, and it couldn't have been more helpful. I was so relieved to not only find the exact type of snake I was looking for, but I also found out that it was harmless to my pets. It was a red-striped ribbon snake about 2 feet long, and he's probably been having a grand time eating all of the frogs that we've been seeing around our neighborhood lately.

At any rate, thank you so much for having such a high-quality website available to educate Austinites.

Have a wonderful day,

Tim, Thank you for your wonderful website. It helped us to identify a small Texas rat snake that was in our mailbox. I am bookmarking your site for future use and will tell others about it too. Thanks again.


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