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Model with snake

Attention professional photographers and studios!

Austin Reptile Service provides beautiful reptiles that are tame and easy to handle. 
We can help you create beautiful and original photography using our reptiles.

We can provide reptiles to an indoor studio or any outdoor location.


•  $150 - one-hour session
•  $250 - two-hour session
•  $300 - three-hour session

Available Reptiles

Some of our available reptiles:

  • Local and non-local non-venomous snakes
  • Non-local lizards

See our full list of available reptiles:

  • Models with snakes--boa shoulder-3
  • Models with snakes--ball python eyes-11
  • Models with snakes--golden 2-10
  • Models with snakes--kiss boa-2
  • Models with snakes--man ball python neck-8
  • Models with snakes--man indigo magazine-6
  • Models with snakes--man indigo magazine 2-7
  • Models with snakes--man indigo neckjpg-5
  • Models with snakes--model golden-9
  • Models with snakes-ball python face-1
green lizard
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ARS Logo

©2023 Austin Reptile Service
Created by The WillaWoman