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Tabitha Blewett
Tabitha Blewett

Austin Reptile Service is dedicated to the conservation of native Texas reptiles through education.

Our Mission:

Austin Reptile Service strives to educate and inspire people to help develop respect for our local native reptiles.

Bringing together an understanding of the important role all reptiles play in our ecosystem will help to ensure their conservation and allow them to continue on for future generations to come.

Austin Reptile Service's owner Tabitha Blewett has had a love of reptiles since her 6th-grade science teacher introduced her to her first snake, a rosy boa. Since then Tabitha has had a life and career centered around animals, both domestic and wild.

She has worked in many facets of animal welfare with a career focused on animal cruelty investigations. While working as an animal cruelty investigator, she began a long friendship with Tim Cole who she worked with on both exotic animal cruelty investigations as well as helping with educational programs. 

Tabitha is passionate about not only educating the public about the importance of reptiles, but she takes pride in helping those who are fearful of snakes conquer their fear easily!

When not teaching or caring for her many animals, she likes to relax by reading, cuddling her cat, and drinking tea.

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