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Surprise your child with live reptiles at their next birthday party!
Entertain children and adults with live reptiles at your next special event.

Austin Reptile Service provides an entertaining and informational presentation
of various live snakes.

Our program is tailored for children and adults.

Want to Learn?

Austin Reptile Service
displays our reptiles close-up to the children while explaining the reptile's natural history.

Want to Touch?

At the same time,
Austin Reptile Service
will let the children touch/pet the snakes.


$300   - 60 minutes

  addt'l transportation fee outside of the  Austin Metroplex area 

Inside or Outside

Austin Reptile Service can set up events indoors and outdoors.

Regarding outdoor requests: Due to temperature issues (usually too hot), in most cases we need to do our presentation indoors for the safety of the animals.

Reptiles cannot regulate their body temperature and have to rely on the environment to maintain a safe body temperature.

Occasionally our temperatures do allow us to be outdoors provided we are shaded. Feel free to inquire about this.

Many of our reptiles...

...are used hands-on to express the ecological importance of reptiles and how they benefit humans.

You may choose from a varied list of snakes or let Austin Reptile Service choose for you.

Preserve the memory of the event with unique photos of the guest of honor (or friends) holding one of our tame reptiles!

Available Reptiles

Some of our available reptiles:

  • Local/non-local non-venomous snakes
  • Non-local lizards

See our full list of available reptiles:

  • girl_albino burm3-8
  • 2_boys_beardy_ballpy-5
  • boys_milk-14
  • girl_ballpy-3
  • grant froghead-edit-15
  • lizardhead-1
  • 61563661_10215448484220167_1782444627937198080_n-7
  • grantr_beardy_ballpy-edit-12
  • 61710902_10215465920696068_5517772746056007680_n-6
  • girl_albino_burm-7
  • girl_burmese_python-6
  • andrewbday_beardy_ballpy-17
  • Boy with snakes lizard-1
  • Girl snake on wrist-3
  • Girl snake on wrist closeup-2
  • snake in hand-5
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©2024 Austin Reptile Service
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